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VOXEL Research Lab

About us & our mission

Voxel Research Lab at Lodz University of Technology brings together academic staff from various departments to develop cutting-edge solutions and applications of modern technology such as VR/AR/MR. Members of the team have been engaged in multiple international and national projects involving immersive technologies.

Our mission is to promote, popularize and champion immersive solutions among both casual and professional users. We strive to boost the awareness of endless possibilities that Extended Reality provides and advocate its use beyond entertainment, extending into fields of science, medicine, engineering or psychology.

Our core values are usability and empathy. We emphasize creating accessible, practical and available solutions powered by cognitive sciences, artificial intelligence and deep care for every individual using them.

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what we do?


Get a glimpse of the future and explore our realized projects and the ones that are currently in progress.

  • First One

    Immersive Technology

    mixed reality, virtual reality, augmented reality, haptic feedback

  • second one

    Human-Computer Interaction

    human factors engineering, design of computer technology, interaction between humans (the users) and computers, information technology design

  • third gym training

    Affective Computing

    emotion recognition, stress, mimic, gestures, speech signal, EEG, bio-signals

  • fourth muscle

    Machine Learning

    deep learning, artificial intelligence, artificial neural networks, classification, clustering

  • training fifth

    Cognitive Science

    building things that work with our thoughts, psychology, neuroscience, language, artificial intelligence, philosophy, anthropology

  • gym training

    Universal Design

    designing for all, accessibility for the elderly, the cognitively and physically impaired, for the widest possible spectrum of human experiences and activities

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Cooperating Partners

Our Team



human behaviour analysis, affective computing, universal design


VR/AR/web app developer, biomedical signal measurement&processing, UX designer, usability testing, 2d/3d graphics&animations


universal design, branding, economic analysis, industrial property protection

Agnieszka Dubiel

human-computer interaction, data analysis, prototyping, statistics

Radosław Turniak

translation, proofreading, editing, copywriting

Krzysztof Pagacz

photography, computer graphics

Igor Gardzielewski


Marek Koprek


Dominik Klimczak